About Us

Gleeson Building is a group of highly trained and professional tradespeople who are passionate about creating quality homes that suit customers’ individual needs as well as providing reliable fast turnaround service for all the projects we undertake.

Whilst quality, reliability and speed of delivery are at the heart and soul of The Gleeson Building Group, it is all about YOU and delivering quality projects and individualised homes that meet your needs, budget and aspirations.

With over 17 years of building experience, the Gleeson Building Group has a proven history of completing personalised quality homes that reflect the individuality, personality and style of each client to ensure that all your needs are met and that you are 100% satisfied with your new home.

Your Guarantee

No Unpleasant Surprises With Accurate Quotes

An accurate quote is given to you so as to avoid surprise charges and unexpected expenses. We will work closely together from the start of the project so we can determine the total cost of the project by considering your needs and budget.

Quality Assured With Skilled And Qualified Tradesmen

The only tradesmen who will work on your project are those qualified, skilled and trained in the specific jobs that have to be done. Feel assured that these tradesmen are trained to meet high standards and provide high quality work.

You’ll Be Constantly Updated On Your Homes Progress

You will not miss anything on the progress of your project as communication lines remain open. You will be updated and given weekly progress reports. You can also directly contact Stuart (the Owner of The Gleeson Building Group) should you need anything or have any questions and issues involving your project.

Total Peace of Mind With Qualified Professional Builders Creating Your Dream

You will work with a member of the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) and the QMBA (QLD Master Builders Australia), giving you a peace of mind that a professional, trained and qualified builder is handling your project. Being a QBCC and a QMBA member ensures The Gleeson Building Group are continually up to date on new techniques, processes and best building practices that we uphold and implement in every job we do.

Fast Project Completion Without Sacrificing Quality

Time is Money…. We strongly believe in this phrase, so you can be assured that your project will be completed on time. No delays. Proper systems and equipment are used to finish projects efficiently to avoid unnecessary delays. Whilst we pride ourselves on speedy project completion, you can be sure that the quality and finish is still of the highest standard.

You’ll Turn Your Dream Into A Reality That Anyone Would be Proud to Call Home

You will witness your dream project turning into a beautiful reality. Whether it’s a home for you and your family or an investment project, you will get what you aspired for. Because, not only do we set out to build the project technically, we also do it while meeting our standard of workmanship and fulfilling our passion to build something that you, our client, can be proud of.